Player Profile - Jason Wolf Doyle

Name: Jason Doyle
Nickname (and why): Wolf, Big Wolf (No idea - will have to ask CJ Tait)
Place of Birth: Palmerston North
Taita Debut: 2003
Highest Honors: Prems
Most Memorable Game: Versus Karori and getting my off pole knocked over by Andy Mackay for his hattrick, on his way to 7-1. 
Favorite holiday destination: Croatia
Best advice you’ve received: "Don't go back to Dry"
Favorite Movie: Aladdin
Favorite Musician: P!nk or T-Swift
Sporting hero: Konrad Hurrell
Favorite cricketer: Roger Twose
Non-Sporting hero: Matthew Pepper-Spray
Best Taita memory: Being at the non-strikers when Gluggsy smoked it onto Naenae Road, and when Besty cleared the clubrooms from the old Number 1
Biggest pest at Taita: Diz
Interesting fact about you: Lived in Kazakhstan for a year. Shockingly, it wasn’t as Borat suggested