Player Profile - Nik Gillette Cup Swain

Name: Nik Swain
Nickname (and why): Swaino, Swainy. Long story
Place of Birth: Lower Hutt
Taita Debut: 2011 for the 2s
Highest Honors: Prov A
Most Memorable Game: Beating Easts in the T20 final
Favorite holiday destination: Waiterere
Best advice you’ve received: "Back your skill set" - Matt Bell
Favorite Movie: Goldfinger
Favorite Band/Musician: Empire of the Sun
Sporting hero: Bo Jackson
Favorite cricketer: Matthew Heissenbuttel
Non-Sporting hero: Dr Timothy Falcon Crack, spent $10,000 on the stock market in a finance class just to prove a point
Best Taita memory: Sam McGavin dismissing Connor Turner
Biggest pest at Taita: Henry Walsh
Interesting fact about you: I once broke my jaw as a kid. Never stopped me from spinning a yarn though